Production timeline Part 1. 1967 - 1970   

This page covers the first batch of production +2 Elans, from chassis 50/0001 to 50/2527.

A second page covers the cars made after 1st January 1970, the date that the new chassis numbering system was introduced.

Date Sept 67 Mar 68 April 68 Dec 68 Mar 69 Nov 69  Dec 69
Chassis number 50/0001 50/0090 50/0100 50/0150 50/0170 50/0178 50/0250 50/0367 50/0445 50/0521 50/0720 50/0750 50/0795 50/0857 50/0870 50/0928 50/00929 50/0994 50/1087 50/1142 50/1174 50/1251 50/1280 50/1330 50/1333 50/1363 50/1367 50/1436 50/1452 50/1460 50/1469 50/1480 50/1510 50/1531 50/1541 50/1550 50/1589 50/1593 50/1614 50/1645 50/1661 50/1711 50/1751 50/1779 50/1831 50/1857 50/1880 50/1892 50/1907 50/1930 50/1987 50/2010 50/2121 50/2447 50/2526 50/2527 50/2536
Change First production model Rear brake supply relocated away from exhaust Straps to secure tool roll and jack added Boot / wheel arch joint modified New windscreen Revised rear lamp assemblies new rear wheel bearing, castings and outboard drive shafts  New pedal box and clutch master cylinder spacer New headlamp microswitches and mounting bracket additional welding to stiffen chassis at rear  Bonnet counterbalance spring deleted New handbrake pivot Modified oil pressure gauge wiring Federal body with negative earth battery for US market modified outer rear wheel bearings New radiator, electric fan. federal body introduced to all markets follow link for more details fuel tankbreather hose / body grommets Negative earth battery introduced to all other markets revised handbrake pivot and operating rods failsafe headlamps on Federal cars Outer steering column/body gasket introduced Stromberg Carbs introduced, with power bulge in bonnet Bonnet support frame modified rear brake dirt shields fitted New Headlight switch on Federal cars, new headlight lift valve modified trough between body sides and rear suspension housing Nyloc bolts replaces Stover or Philidas suspension bolts New headlight vacuum pod mounting bracket revised Lotocone rear suspension rubber revised bodyshell moulding modified clutch slave cylinder hose and mounting bracket radiator lowered to increase bonnet clearance bump limiting spacer on rear suspension introduced modified exhaust, new front flasher sidelamp assembly


New differential mounting, drive coupling, revised control box, except on S types +2 S introduced Sterring lock introduced modified air filter mounting bracket, washer between rubber mounting of differential new voltage stabiliser, ammeter. revised boot section moulding revised indicator mounting clip location of rear lamps modified. new radio on UK market cars Girling MK2B brake servo introduced New differential mouting bolts new headlight microswitches and mounting bracket anti-tilt front seats without headrests for West German market. new glovebox handle, lock, catch plate revised front seat belts revised certification tag on Federal cars. revised front suspension springs and dampers Federal +2S introduced revised hazard flasher switch revised windscreen weatherstrip upper and lower mouldings on Federal +2S cars Last car on 50/xxxx  chassis numbering. New system introduced

Lotus Elan +2                                                                                    Lotus Elan +2                                                                                    Lotus Elan +2                                                                                    Lotus Elan +2                                                                                    Lotus Elan +2                                                                                    Lotus Elan +2                                                                                    Lotus Elan+2                                                                                    Lotus Elan+2


Federal +2                                                                                                                          Federal +2                                                                                                                         Federal +2                                                                                                                          Federal +2                                                                                                                          Federal +2                                                                                                                          Federal +2                                                                                                                          Federal +2


Lotus Elan +2 S                                                                                                                Lotus Elan +2 S                                                                                                                 Lotus Elan +2 S                                                                                 

Federal +2S

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